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What's next after NERF guns? How about Archery Tag!

Instead of guns, how about something more medieval for your birthday party or corporate team building events? Introducing Archery Tag!

Using foam-tipped arrows, Archery Tag allows you to shoot each other safely in a fun and exciting combat archery battle game. It's suitable and safe even for adults and kids to play together. is the original first organizer of Archery Tag in Singapore, and they have grown to become the biggest organizer over the years. Check them out if you want something different for your party or team building event!

Basic Archery coaching for the kids | Archery Tag Singapore

The coaches start with basic Archery coaching first for about 10 minutes, so that players get to know how to shoot properly before starting the actual game.

It's battle time! | Archery Tag Singapore

Donning on protective-headgear, the players are ready to engage in a combat archery battle game in Archery Tag!

Shoot shoot shoot! Basic Archery coaching for the kids | Archery Tag Singapore

Featuring different missions and game-modes, the game is never boring when playing Archery Tag.

Check out to organize a fun and exciting Archery Tag game!


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