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NERF Birthday on Sentosa Beach

Our client asked if we can organize a NERF birthday event for them at Sentosa near the beach, and we said "Yes!". Check out the photos for a beach-front NERF birthday battle!

Obstacles setup in a NERF game

We brought all the equipment down to Sentosa, and setup the battlefield with multiple walls for players to take cover.

Ready aim fire!

The kids were split into 2 teams, Red and Blue, as they fought to eliminate the opposing teams!

Ships in the background as the NERF battle continues

What a scenic NERF battlefield as ships passed by in the background as players shot Velcro Bullets at each other.

Sniper NERF player

Some kids like to rush to the front, but some like to shoot from afar.

Battle formation

Staying in formation helps you to fortify your NERF stronghold!

Thank you for organizing an awesome NERF birthday event with us! Dart War - NERF Events for Teambuilding & Birthday Parties


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