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120 pax NERF RIVAL Team Building for Adults

In Sept 2018, we organize a massive NERF Rival Tag Team building for 120+ pax! Specially designed for adults, our NERF Rival guns are more powerful & accurate than usual NERF guns.

Explanation of game rules in NERF Rival Tag - Dart War Singapore

We first conducted a briefing of the safety and game rules, as well as how to operate the guns in the game.

Red team with red guns and red Velcro Vests in NERF Rival Tag - Dart War Singapore

Players were split into Red or Blue teams. If you're Red team, you'll be using red color guns and wearing a red color Velcro Vest.

Blue Team taking cover in NERF Rival Tag - Dart War Singapore

Or if you're Blue team, then you'll be using blue color guns and wearing a blue color Velcro Vest. This allows you to differentiate friend from foe in the heat of the battle!

Velcro bullet stick onto the Vest in NERF Rival Tag - Dart War Singapore

Our uniquely invented Velcro bullets will stick onto the player's Velcro Vest, to indicate who got shot. This allows our judges and referees to fairly determine who is in or out of the game!

Variety of obstacles setup in NERF Rival Tag - Dart War Singapore

A variety of obstacles are setup in the field, so that players can hide and take cover during the game.

Thank you for organizing an adult's team building event of RIVAL TAG with us, and we look forward to see you guys again soon!

Dart War - NERF Gun Battle Games Singapore

Team Building, Cohesion, Parties

Phone: +65 9786 9083


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