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NERF Battle Party @ Playground

In November 2018, we had a client who asked if we can bring all our guns & gears down to her condo's playground to organize a NERF war, and the answer was "Yes!"

Make use of the playground for cover

A playground naturally offers a lot of different hiding spots, and the kids can use the elements to their tactical advantage during the game.

Velcro Bullet stuck on the Vest = you're shot!

Each kid wears a Velcro Vest. If a Velcro Bullet sticks on, that means it's a hit and the player is out of the game.

Playing NERF on the tracks

The NERF battle wasn't confined to the playground only. Kids can strategize and move along the nearby tracks to try and flank the other team!

Ambitious hiding spot!

Wah, this kid hide until like this. He must be taking the NERF war very seriously. =D

Capture the base

Capture the base! I!

Group photo NERF at Playground

Thank you for organizing a NERF war with us at your playground. It was an unique experience!

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