Adults' NERF Team Building Events


More Power, More Accuracy

Reliable Scoring System

Rival Tag

Specially designed for adults (14 years and above), Rival Tag uses more powerful and accurate NERF guns to create an immersive gun battle experience.

Suitable for:

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Birthday Parties

  • Carnival Fringe Activity

  • Casual Fun with Friends

Contact us if you want to organize a NERF battle team building event with reliable scoring!

Rival Tag Video Showcase


In adults' events, we aim for 2 things: More powerful gun and a reliable scoring system.

Recommended for 14 years and above only.

Power & Accuracy

NERF Rival guns are more powerful and accurate, specially designed with higher performance for adults.

Velcro Bullets

Specially invented Velcro Bullets that will stick onto the player's vest, to indicate who got shot!

Velcro Vests

Comes in red or blue, players will wear a Velcro Vest in the game. If the Velcro Bullet sticks onto your vest, you're out!


You can come to our venue, or we can bring the game to you!

The CAge

Located just 5 mins walk from Stadium MRT, we are located at The Cage, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal.

Function Room

Function Rooms are also ideal for running Rival Tag games.

Sports Hall

Multi-purpose or Sports Halls, such as those found in schools, Community Centers etc... are also ideal for running Rival Tag!

RIVAL TAG Testimonials & Reviews

What do others have to say after playing RIVAL TAG?

Latest Event: RIVAL TAG for Unit Cohesion

In May 2019, we organized a RIVAL TAG cohesion event for 120 pax for our men and boys in green. Check out the awesome photos!

Past Event: RIVAL TAG for Department Cohesion

In Jan 2019, we organized a RIVAL TAG cohesion event for 45 pax for our uniformed men & women. Some even brought their kids down to join in the battle fun!

Past Event: RIVAL TAG for Company Team Building

In Aug 2018, we organized a RIVAL TAG team building event for 50 pax. We erected obstacles on the field and turned it into a battle zone! Some of the ladies were pleased to find out that RIVAL TAG is easy for them to play too!

Past Event: RIVAL TAG for 140 pax Team Building!

Big event? No problems. We organized a 140 pax team building event in July 2018 for our client. The participants were split into teams and we setup multiple battlefields concurrently, and the place became a warzone!

Ready To Organize An Adults' NERF Event?

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