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Team Building, Birthday Parties, Cohesion Events, we will give you a great time!

Check out our packages which are catered based on the gun types and age range.

All packages come with Velcro Bullets for fair scoring during games!

NERF Elite Electric Package

NERF Singapore electric NERF gun package for kids

NERF electric blasters are fun and easy to operate. Because they require minimal strength to shoot, they are highly suitable for younger kids, from around 7 to 8 years old.

We've modified our NERF electric guns to look more cool, so that your kids can have a memorable birthday, as well as take awesome photos of them having fun!

Prices start from $350, which is for:

  • 10 players

  • 1 hour duration

  • Held at a suitable place nearby you, such as a Park, Condo function room, HDB void decks etc...

NERF MEGA Blasters Package

NERF Singapore electric NERF gun package for kids

NERF MEGA blasters shoot further than ELITE ones, thus more fun for the older kids, from around 10 years old. It also allows you to expand the "battlefield" since the bullets will fly further than usual.

Great for birthday parties for older kids, but also suitable for schools who want to organize a cohesion or team building event for the students.

Cohesion packages' rates are around $550, which is for:

  • 20 students, divided into 4 teams of 5 players)

  • 2 hours duration

  • All equipment brought down into the school compounds.

NERF Rival Team Building

NERF Rival Tag team building events for adults in Singapore

With its farther shooting range and increased accuracy, NERF Rival guns are ideal for teenagers and adults' team building events.

We are the 1st and only company in the world to invent Velcro Rounds meant for NERF Rival guns. With the capability to stick onto players' Velcro Vests, the game or competition can be organized fairly!

Rival Tag team building packages are around $600, for:

  • 5 vs 5 format

  • 2 hours duration

  • Venue at The Cage, near Stadium MRT station.

Customized Packages

Customized NERF events in Singapore

We've been running events for 10 years and have encountered various type of requests for different type of events. Please feel free to contact us for customized packages that will suit your event.

Contact us:

How To Book

Phone: +65 9786 9083
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