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NERF Battle @ Fusionopolis One-North!

As part of an initiative to encourage an active lifestyle, we organized a NERF war game right in the middle of Fusionopolis at One-North. Co-workers get to battle it out and shoot each other during lunch time!

NERF battle war at Fusionopolis!

Obstacles were setup between the office buildings, and soon we are waging an intense NERF war, while on the way to lunch!

Take cover! Even though these are safe NERF foam bullets.

Don't be afraid of getting shot. These are just safe foam bullets, but once they stick onto your velcro vest, you're out!

Fight fight fight!

Put on your most 'garang' performance, your colleagues are watching!

Thank you for playing a NERF battle game with DartWar. We look forward to see you guys soon!

Dart War - NERF Gun Battle Games Singapore

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