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NERF Party @ West Coast Park

Our client asked us if we can organize a NERF party at the big green lawn of West Coast Park, so that they can eat at McDonalds afterwards, and we said "Yes!".

The green lawn of West Coast Park is gigantic and can accommodate large groups of people. Many people like to fly kites there over the weekend too. There's also a playground with flying fox feature nearby! Not to mention, McDonalds is only 5 mins walk away within the park.

NERF Birthday Party at West Coast Park by

We split the players into 2 teams and they soon engage in a NERF battle!

Why never take cover?

Wow, confident boy! Standing in the open while everyone is hiding behind the walls.

Aim high, like artillery!

Aim high, so that the bullet falls like an artillery shell. This can help you to shoot the players who are always hiding behind the walls!

Picking up NERF bullets

Reload often so that you will never find yourself running out of bullets. Best to do it behind the walls!

Thank you for organizing a NERF birthday party with us!

It was a sunny day and we had great fun!

Thank you for organizing a NERF party with us and we look forward to see you again!

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