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80 pax Midnight NERF Battle

In May 2018, we organized a special game which took place in the midnight for 80 pax. The game was held at The Cage, which is just a short walk from Stadium MRT, but there ain't gonna be any train service after the game!

Midnight Dart War NERF Singapore event briefing

We started off with briefing of the game and safety rules, and explained how the scoring works. When the Velcro bullets stick onto your Velcro Vest, you're considered as being shot.

Because this is an event for adults and kids, we chose to use our MEGA guns.

Midnight Dart War NERF Singapore event obstacles setup

We setup obstacles in the field and the NERF gun battle should began!

Midnight Dart War NERF Singapore event never take cover

Although the obstacles are meant for players to hide behind, but there are some who decide to face their opponent front-on.

Midnight Dart War NERF Singapore event hiding behind the wall

And of course, there will be some who always hide behind the walls and don't wanna come out!

Midnight Dart War NERF Singapore event Group Photo

Thank you for organizing a special midnight NERF gun battle session with us. We look forward to see all of you again!

Dart War - NERF Gun Battle Games Singapore

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