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NERF Adult Cohesion Event

NERF gun games are great fun for both adults and kids, especially when we are using the bigger versions from the MEGA line which shoots bigger bullets that travel further.

We organized a NERF Dart War cohesion event for a group of friends on a Sunday evening. Check out the photos below

Your teammates decide your fate in a NERF battle!

Friends and team-mates decide our fate in the battlefield. There are many different types of team-mates, which one are you?

Taking Cover in a NERF Dart War Singapore event

The battle heat up quickly, and everyone was taking cover to avoid getting shot. Our NERF Mega bullets are customized with a Velcro tip, so if it sticks onto your Velcro Vest, you're "dead"!

Tactical positions in a NERF Dart War Singapore event

Spreading yourselves out is the key. Don't all cramp behind 1 wall only!

Still got time to post in the middle of a NERF battle?

Eh bro, are you here to play, or here to post for Instagram photos?

Group photo in a NERF Dart War Singapore event

Thank you for organizing a NERF Dart War event with us. We look forward to see you again soon!

Dart War - NERF Gun Battle Games Singapore

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