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NERF Birthday Party @ Kallang

Yet another birthday party that we organized for our client at The Cage, Kallang! This location is 5 mins walk from Stadium MRT and centrally located, so many clients like to organize their party here.

NERF Birthday Party Singapore - dark shades

We provide eye protection for the players, but some of them brought their own safety glasses. Dark shades makes you look like a FBI agent on the battlefield!

NERF Birthday Party Singapore - Guys protect girls

2 brave boys attacking at the front line, while our female hero reloads at the back. Well done boys!

NERF Birthday Party Singapore - Reload in the open?

Eh, don't reload in the open space lar. Take cover so you won't get shot!

NERF Birthday Party Singapore - Take cover!

Plenty of cover in the battlefield. Hide and shoot from behind them.

NERF Birthday Party Singapore Group Photo

Thank you for organizing a NERF birthday party with us at Kallang. We look forward to see you again soon!

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