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NERF Students Team Building @ Hua Yi Secondary School

NERF gun battle games are great for birthday parties, but they are also great for team building activities in schools!

Our client asked if we can setup a NERF battle at Hua Yi Secondary School and we said "Yes!" The game was setup in the school's multi-purpose hall, and soon war was waged among the students.

Split into 2 teams - Dart War NERF Gun Party & Team Building

The hall was split into 2 halves, and 2 teams have to try and eliminate each other.

Take cover - Dart War NERF Gun Party & Team Building

Teamwork is essential as the students help to cover each other while they are reloading.

Teachers playing also - Dart War NERF Gun Party & Team Building

At some point, the school's teachers joined in the battle as well!

Group photo - Dart War NERF Gun Party & Team Building

Thank you for organizing a NERF gun battle team building event with us, We look forward to see you again soon!

Dart War - NERF Gun Battle Games

Team Building, Cohesion, Parties

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