NERF Birthday Party in Function Room

Our client asked if we can organize a NERF gun battle game for her son's birthday party in a function room, and we said "YES!"

We transport everything to the clubhouse's function room, and setup the battle arena. The kids were fast to put on their headgear and ready to engage in a shootout!

We setup some obstacles in the function room, so that the kids can hide and shoot from behind cover.

Kids from 2 opposing teams pointing their NERF guns at each other. Looks like a major shoot-out is about to happen.

Tactical Police Riot Shields!? Yes but these are made of rubber latex for safety in game play!

One adult versus a bunch of kids. Who will win?

Wah, this photo and the angle. Boy, I think next time you grow up, you can become the poster-boy for the Singapore army already.

Thank you for playing NERF gun battle games with us! We wish you a happy birthday and we look forward to see you soon!

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