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NERF Shooting Booth - National Day 2018

On 9th Aug 2018, National Day, we were tasked to organized a NERF gun shooting booth for Punggol residents at their National Day event. We took out our premium modified NERF assault rifles to spice up their event, and our booth experienced the longest queue for the day!

Adults love these cool rifles! - NERF Shooting Booth at Punggol

Because we've modified our guns to look like real ones, our booth was swarmed with adults!

Patiently guiding the participants on how to shoot - NERF Shooting Booth at Punggol

For those who are not familiar with operating NERF guns, our facilitators taught them patiently.

We helped the kids to shoot - NERF Shooting Booth at Punggol

Kids wanna try shooting such cool NERF guns too! Our facilitators guided them and also helped them to shoot properly

We used Velcro Darts so that it will stick onto the target - NERF Shooting Booth at Punggol

We used Velcro Bullets, which sticks onto the Velcro Targets, so that people know when they've made a good shot

Future commando?! - NERF Shooting Booth at Punggol

The participants loved taking photos with our guns. We spotted such a cute little boy. Maybe he'll be a Commando and don a red beret when he grows up!

Thank you for organizing a premium NERF shooting booth with us for National Day 2018, and we look forward to bring more fun shooting activities to everyone.

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