World Rival Tag

Precision Scoring


As a NERF game organizer, one of the biggest challenges that you'll face is proper scoring. Players can easily cheat in a normal NERF game by not admitting that they got shot, and referees have a hard time tracking and keeping watch.


This is why we invented the world's first Velcro Ammo for NERF Rival guns, so that hits can be tracked during battle games, when it sticks onto the players' Velcro Vest.

Benefits of RIVAL TAG Velcro Ammo:

  • Objective scoring
    If it sticks on, you're dead. No denial.

  • No more cheating
    No arguments among players on who got shot, or whether is it only a 'brush across the skin'.

  • Easy refereeing
    You will have an easier time managing and organizing a game when you're about to judge who got shot.

  • Memorable experience
    When players have confidence that the game is properly organized, they're more likely to choose you.

See how the Velcro Ammo sticks!
Range Test of RIVAL TAG Ammo

Some Photos of RIVAL TAG in Action!

Getting Shot
Velcro Bullet sticking onto a player's Vest
Getting Shot
Shot twice!
Equipment Layout
Velcro Vest + Velcro Bullets + NERF Rival guns
Group Photo
Players satisfied after a game of RIVAL TAG!
Playing with the NERF Rival Stormtrooper Blaster
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What Does A RIVAL TAG Package Includes

RIVAL TAG is not just about our special Velcro Rival Ammo. It is about helping businesses run NERF Rival games reliably and profitably. When you sign up, you'll join an exclusive family dedicated to organizing high quality NERF games.

Velcro Ammo

Of course, a RIVAL TAG package will include our special Velcro Ammo. You may choose how many to purchase.


You'll enjoy free SEO and exposure, as we include your business on our website. So that customers can find you based on geographical location.

Be A Star

Enjoy exclusivity & competitive advantage, because we limit the number of RIVAL TAG partners within the same location.


We are ready to provide support in your NERF business. We will be happy to help you with Marketing support, technical issues etc...

How Much Does RIVAL TAG Cost?



  • 2000 Velcro Rival Ammo

  • Free Business Feature

  • Exclusivity (max 3 RIVAL TAG partners in your area)

  • Marketing & Technical Support

USD $1000
$0.50 per Velcro Round

(excludes shipping fees)



  • 3500 Velcro Rival Ammo 

  • Free Business Feature

  • Exclusivity (max 3 RIVAL TAG partners in your area)

  • Marketing & Technical Support

USD $1575
$0.45 per Velcro Round

(excludes shipping fees)



If you want to use mag-fed blasters, like the NERF Rival Apollo, Helios, Atlas etc..., you must use our special magazine.

If you use a regular NERF Rival magazine, jams are going to occur very frequently.

USD $25 per magazine

(excludes shipping fees)



To maintain your business as a RIVAL TAG partner, you'll have a contract to purchase 500 Velcro Ammo once a year. This allows you to run your business profitably with little financial commitment.

We are confident that as long as you're running games regularly, you'll definitely need more than 500 replenishment per year.

USD $225 per Year

$0.45 per Velcro Round

(excludes shipping fees)

Which Guns Can You Use In RIVAL TAG?

Internal Mag


Blasters which have an internal magazine are the best for RIVAL TAG. The top 2 currently are:

  • NERF Rival Hades

  • NERF Rival Artemis

We have had ZERO jams with the both of them.

Other internal mag blasters include:

  • Kronos

  • Overwatch Reaper

  • etc...

Jams may occur when the player primes the blaster too fast, but it's a rare occurrence, so it's fine.



For mag-fed blasters, you MUST purchase and use our special RIVAL TAG magazine. It has been slightly modified to make sure the Velcro Ammo "flows" smoothly.

If you use a regular NERF Rival magazine, the Velcro Ammo tends to get stuck inside the magazine, resulting in blank firing.

Some mag-fed blasters include:

  • Helios

  • Star Wars Stormtrooper

  • Hypnos

  • etc...



Electric fly-wheel blasters include mag-fed or hopper-fed. We don't recommend using electric blasters. Even though the Velcro Ammo can be shot, but the performance varies.

Sometimes it shoots like usual, sometimes the shot is very weak. We suspect it's due to the Velcro surfaces rubbing on the flywheel.